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Pipes, Bongs, CBD, Grinders from an online UK head shop

Online head shops some detail and clarification

Online head shops such as Dragons Head Shop are places where smoking

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enthusiasts can find all the supplies they need for smoking, vaping and CBD. They offer a wide range of products such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers, vaporisers, and CBD oils.

Online head shops have been around for a while now and they have been growing in popularity over the years. This is because people are looking for convenience when it comes to buying their smoking supplies.


 We offer a wide range of bongs, water bubblers, dab rigs and oil burner bubblers made from different materials, with varying shapes and sizes. All our products are made from premium quality borosilicate safety glass or highly durable acrylic that with care and attention can be used for a long time.

bong icon

Whether you are someone looking to buy their first bong, or someone looking for a different type of bong or water bubbler because you are tired of yours or need to replace a broken bong, we have all kinds of different types for you to choose from!

Pipe shops

London boasts many pipe shops, head shops and vaping stores. We supply smoking pipes in a variety of materials and sizes including high-quality

Glass smoking pipe

borosilicate safety glass, stronger and more durable quartz glass and finally metal smoking pipes. We have small discrete 50/60 mm pipes, medium-sized oil burner pipes from 100-150 mm in length plus a range of larger 170 – 200 mm pipes with smoking bowls up to 50 mm in diameter.

UK smoking shops

We know that smoking is one of the most popular social pastimes in the world. It is also well documented and understood that smoking can be highly addictive and damaging to health. We believe in people’s choice to smoke tobacco and other legal substances; we also support our customers in helping them quit smoking by providing links to healthcare and specialist organisations that help people quit. Our vaping products have helped a great number of our customers quit cigarettes with a gradual reduction of the e-liquids nicotine content over time. Therefore we are one of the most popular places for UK smoking supplies.

It is common to think we only supply smoke and smoking goods. Our range includes CBD (Cannabidiol) products; many people believe in the medicinal and health-giving properties of CBD for a variety of ailments, CBD products are legal in most countries and can be purchased without the need of a prescription from a doctor*. There has been plenty of hype in recent years about the effects of CBD which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp plant that and claims that it has been found to have many medicinal benefits.

A popular use for CBD has been the claims from people who suffer from anxiety or chronic pain that it has significantly reduced their pain and anxiety levels. CBD can be consumed in many ways such as vaporising, capsules, oils, creams, and edibles.

There are many ways to consume CBD including vaporizing, capsules, oils, creams, and edible gummies. * Please, refer to our advice on the consumption of CBD products here.


Accessories – focus on Grinders

Are you asking the question of which shops sell grinders near me? Why travel to the shop and be disappointed the grinder you wanted was not in stock. We stock and sell a wide variety of grinders for sale including entry-level, mid-

Green 4 part tobacco grinder

range, and high-end grinders. Buy with confidence from our website that is a UK head shop offering grinders and much more, being online means wherever you are we are the shop that sells grinders near me; it’s time to get grinding now.

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Still time for January 2022 sale - ends Jan 31st at Midnight`

Still time for January 2022 sale - ends Jan 31st at Midnight`

Love is in the air, save money on all orders in Feb 2022

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Dragons Head Shop website is now multilingual

Love and language, read all about it in a dialect of your choice on our new multi-lingual Dragons Head Shop website, you can now look for Smoking Products, Vaping Products and you guessed it CBD Products in your native tongue

We cunning linguists at Dragons Head Shop want all of our customers, no matter where they are to feel at home in our store. We hope that at least one of the languages listed below from Arabic to Zulu will for all of the non-English native speakers make our website just that little bit more welcoming and easier to navigate around and understand.

love in many languages heart shaped

You can now hopefully, read about the potential benefits of CBD in your first language, or discover how to say oil burner glass pipe in many new languages. Imagine the vaping kits with their eLiquids and myriad flavour combinations and realise that yes they did mix those unlikely ingredients together and people do actually like it... They put WHAT with the lemon???

We do apologise in advance if we have made any mistakes or faux pas as our near neighbours across La Manche would say, if you spot any errors in the translations; feel free to let us know. No offence is intended in any of our translations.

Currently there are 100 languages translated that cover almost everywhere on Earth.

Thank you from Dragons Head Shop for buying our products across the whole of Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America. What have we done to upset South America and the Two Polar regions? 😀

To switch languages on larger devices and desktops, choose from a drop down list at the top of the page. For mobile users the dropdown is close to the bottom footer. We are still trying to install the drop down in our AMP pages, in order to view the AMP pages translated, go to the main site, change to your choice, then return to AMP to find the site in all of its non-English glory

Language Name
Basque eu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Catalan ca.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Corsican co.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Danish da.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Dutch nl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Finnish fi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
French fr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Frisian fy.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Galician gl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
German de.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Greek el.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Icelandic is.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Irish ga.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Italian it.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Latin la.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Luxembourgish lb.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Maltese mt.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Norwegian no.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Portuguese pt.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Scottish Gaelic gd.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Spanish es.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Swedish sv.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Welsh cy.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Yiddish yi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Maori mi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Samoan sm.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Albanian sq.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Armenian hy.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Azerbaijani az.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Belarusian be.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Bosnian bs.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Bulgarian bg.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Croatian hr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Czech cs.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Esperanto eo.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Estonian et.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Georgian ka.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hungarian hu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Latvian lv.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Lithuanian lt.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Macedonian mk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Polish pl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Romanian ro.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Serbian sr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Slovak sk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Slovenian sl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Ukrainian uk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Bengali bn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Cebuano ceb.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Filipino tl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Gujarati gu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hindi hi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hmong hmn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Indonesian id.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Japanese ja.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Javanese jw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kannada kn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kazakh kk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Khmer km.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Korean ko.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kyrgyz ky.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Lao lo.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Malagasy mg.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Malayalam ml.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Marathi mr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Mongolian mn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Myanmar (Burmese) my.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Nepali ne.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Punjabi pa.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Russian ru.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sindhi sd.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sinhala si.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Tajik tg.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Tamil ta.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Telugu te.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Thai th.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Urdu ur.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Uzbek uz.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Vietnamese vi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Arabic ar.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hebrew iw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kurdish (Kurmanji) ku.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Persian fa.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Turkish tr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Afrikaans af.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Amharic am.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Chichewa ny.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hausa ha.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Igbo ig.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Malay ms.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Pashto ps.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sesotho st.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Shona sn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Somali so.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sudanese su.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Swahili sw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Xhosa xh.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Yoruba yo.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Zulu zu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Haitian Creole ht.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hawaiian haw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk

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Glass smoking pipes with feet and sometimes corners

Have you or someone you know put a glass smoking pipe down on the table to watch on in horror as it rolls over and you spill the contents or worse still it rolls away and falls to the floor smashing to pieces and losing the contents too?

The clever pipe designers have a solution and that is glass smoking pipes with feet. The feet do what feet are supposed to do, help something stand up. If the pipe can stand alone, it shouldn't roll away. These no roll pipes can maybe help you prevent spills from the bowl and broken glassware.

They do not however save your pipe from spillages and breakages when you drop the pipe on the floor. They're good but not that good 🤣

Be prepared to be amazed at the pipes with feet collection which includes oil burner glass smoking pipes including the Sweet Puff corner pipe. For the dry pipe smokers, we have a selection of steamroller pipes to be wowed by.

This has been a light-hearted look at a problem pipe smokers have faced before, do face  now and will still face in the future. Balance is the key factor to stand up against rolling pipes; put it to the test and try a pipe with a rest.

The collection is here for you

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Know your adapter sizes for your bong

Know your joint/connector size

The most common bong joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm and 18mm female connections. Smaller bongs tend to use 10mm or 14mm joints and the larger ones tend to use 18mm ones, but this isn’t always the case. Some larger bongs still utilize 14mm joints and vice versa.

A quick, easy and cost-effective to utilise your existing burners or vapes is a low-profile glass adapter that allows you to use a 10mm male joint in a 14mm female joint or a 14mm male joint in an 18mm female joint:


Some dab rigs have the less common 10mm, 14mm or 18mm male connections. You can use an adapter that accommodates both male and female joints:


Fortunately, most water pipe adapters have a tapered design which makes them compatible with the more common joint sizes. Always make sure your bong maintains an airtight seal with your device for optimal performance

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Look what's back - Glass oil burner smoking pipe with rest

A brand favourite is back in stock! Grab yours before it's gone again.

glass smoking pipe with rest

Glass oil burner pipe 10 cm with coloured balance rest

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Glass bubbler SALE | Skull collection | Time to party your face off

Glass bubbler SALE | Skull collection | Time to party your face off

Fancy something different?

Glass bubbler skull bongs

Prices chopped!

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