Dragons Head Shop adopts Carbon Neutral Delivery.

Dragons Head Shop adopts Carbon Neutral Delivery.

How Shipping Impacts the Environment, and What is Carbon Neutral Delivery?

Without shipping, our business at Dragons Head Shop would not exist. It provides a way for us to get your orders from us to you, regardless of how far apart we are. Shipping has a significant environmental impact and, when not done correctly, can have devastating consequences for the environment.

Dragon Head Shop realise that eCommerce contributes majorly to carbon emissions that negatively affect the environment. But, with the help of AI, we can calculate the carbon footprint of each order and reduce our impact on the environment by promoting green living. The carbon footprint of every order gets calculated based on the weight of the order, the distance it travels from us to you and the mode of transport. Whether by truck, aeroplane or both. The carbon emissions get determined by tracking data and the speed and distance to reach you.

Carbon Neutral Delivery is an alternative way to ship that reduces the environmental impact of shipping. By adopting these eco-friendly approaches, we are doing our small part to help the environment and give you the ability to make purchases without worrying about how much CO2 your order will produce when it arrives at your doorstep. If every small eCommerce business adopted Carbon Neutral Delivery, imagine the benefits to the environment. 

In addition, we use eco-friendly packaging for all of our orders. Every order gets fulfilled using cardboard packaging with an eco-score of 5/5 for being Plastic Free, Biodegradable, Sustainability, Recyclable and Climate Neutral.

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