Dragons Head Shop website is now multilingual

Love and language, read all about it in a dialect of your choice on our new multi-lingual Dragons Head Shop website, you can now look for Smoking Products, Vaping Products and you guessed it CBD Products in your native tongue

We cunning linguists at Dragons Head Shop want all of our customers, no matter where they are to feel at home in our store. We hope that at least one of the languages listed below from Arabic to Zulu will for all of the non-English native speakers make our website just that little bit more welcoming and easier to navigate around and understand.

love in many languages heart shaped

You can now hopefully, read about the potential benefits of CBD in your first language, or discover how to say oil burner glass pipe in many new languages. Imagine the vaping kits with their eLiquids and myriad flavour combinations and realise that yes they did mix those unlikely ingredients together and people do actually like it... They put WHAT with the lemon???

We do apologise in advance if we have made any mistakes or faux pas as our near neighbours across La Manche would say, if you spot any errors in the translations; feel free to let us know. No offence is intended in any of our translations.

Currently there are 100 languages translated that cover almost everywhere on Earth.

Thank you from Dragons Head Shop for buying our products across the whole of Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America. What have we done to upset South America and the Two Polar regions? 😀

To switch languages on larger devices and desktops, choose from a drop down list at the top of the page. For mobile users the dropdown is close to the bottom footer. We are still trying to install the drop down in our AMP pages, in order to view the AMP pages translated, go to the main site, change to your choice, then return to AMP to find the site in all of its non-English glory

Language Name
Basque eu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Catalan ca.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Corsican co.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Danish da.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Dutch nl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Finnish fi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
French fr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Frisian fy.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Galician gl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
German de.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Greek el.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Icelandic is.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Irish ga.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Italian it.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Latin la.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Luxembourgish lb.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Maltese mt.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Norwegian no.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Portuguese pt.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Scottish Gaelic gd.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Spanish es.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Swedish sv.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Welsh cy.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Yiddish yi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Maori mi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Samoan sm.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Albanian sq.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Armenian hy.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Azerbaijani az.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Belarusian be.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Bosnian bs.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Bulgarian bg.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Croatian hr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Czech cs.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Esperanto eo.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Estonian et.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Georgian ka.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hungarian hu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Latvian lv.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Lithuanian lt.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Macedonian mk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Polish pl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Romanian ro.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Serbian sr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Slovak sk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Slovenian sl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Ukrainian uk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Bengali bn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Cebuano ceb.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Filipino tl.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Gujarati gu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hindi hi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hmong hmn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Indonesian id.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Japanese ja.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Javanese jw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kannada kn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kazakh kk.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Khmer km.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Korean ko.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kyrgyz ky.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Lao lo.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Malagasy mg.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Malayalam ml.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Marathi mr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Mongolian mn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Myanmar (Burmese) my.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Nepali ne.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Punjabi pa.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Russian ru.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sindhi sd.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sinhala si.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Tajik tg.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Tamil ta.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Telugu te.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Thai th.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Urdu ur.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Uzbek uz.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Vietnamese vi.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Arabic ar.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hebrew iw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Kurdish (Kurmanji) ku.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Persian fa.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Turkish tr.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Afrikaans af.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Amharic am.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Chichewa ny.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hausa ha.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Igbo ig.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Malay ms.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Pashto ps.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sesotho st.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Shona sn.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Somali so.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Sudanese su.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Swahili sw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Xhosa xh.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Yoruba yo.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Zulu zu.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Haitian Creole ht.dragonsheadshop.co.uk
Hawaiian haw.dragonsheadshop.co.uk

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