Acrylic Bongs UK | Acrylic Water Bongs

The biggest plus points for acrylic bongs are that they a strong, durable and lightweight and most importantly due to the low cost of the material means they are great value for money, cheap acrylic bongs. So if your budget is limited you can easily pick up an acrylic water bong for a fraction of the price of a glass one.

The one big drawback to them is due to the fact that unlike glass which is inert and does not produce any flavour, an acrylic bong will have a taste to it. This is in part due to the heat releasing chemicals from the plastic. They are also more difficult to clean than a glass counterpart.

Another great plus point is that due to their lightweight nature they are easy to travel with, throw in a suitcase or backpack and disappear for the weekend and have one of these acrylic bongs ready for your favourite tobacco blend wherever you land. If an acrylic bong does get damaged it is also less likely to be catastrophic and cracks can be sealed up with tape or other handy household or DIY items.