Glass oil burner heads/bowls

Oil burner glass head

These are your bowls that can be used when smoking waxes or oils, the basic configuration is a curved oil burner pipe made from borosilicate glass that is your burner head that sits on your bong or dab rig.

The burner heads have standard sized connections that are nominally 10mm, 14mm and 18mm and these can be male or female joints.

The differences in any burner head come in the design and manufacture. Thick glass oil burner heads are a little more robust, however, you need to make sure you don't overheat the bowl as the glass retains the heat and can burn the contents. Bowl size and hole size make a difference to the airflow vortex. 

Just a few things to consider when buying your curved glass oil burner head...

They're also known by other names that include:

  • curved glass oil burners
  • glass s-bends
  • glass swan-neck 
  • Chillum bowl
  • bong heads
  • bong tops

If you call it something different, let us know.

Glass oil burner heads/bowls

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