Dabbing tools and accessories

A fab dab starts with a cool tool made of class glass (or metal)

If you're going to dab then you need dabbing tools. A dabber or dab tool is a long heat resistant tool with a sharp pointy end or a scoop that you use to pick up your concentrate and place the concentrate on to the hot surface of your nail or banger. You can get a dabber tool that has a carb cap on the opposite end of the tool, this carb cap helps regulate the flow of air through your rig.

The choice of material for your dabbing tool can be a personal preference or as some enthusiasts say that you should always have the right tool for the right job. If your concentrate is brittle, you may want a glass dabbing tool with a blunt end to break up your shatter into smaller pieces. If you have an oily or waxy substance you may want a dab tool with a scoop or spoon-like end.