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Glass Adapters come in a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations. They serve a few purposes, the first one allows the user to change up or down the joint size so that different connections can be used with one glass adapter. The second important use for them is protecting the main glassware from heat when dabbing with any kind of nail. It is far more economical to use an intermediate adapter to absorb the excess heat and protect the main joint on your rig or bong and only have to replace a small piece of glassware for a few pounds than replace a whole rig that could cost 10 or 20 times the price.

The three main sizes of joints you will find are 10 mm, 14 mm and 18 mm. On your dab rig or bong, these can either be male or female. The first type of glass adapter is low-profile, these come in two sizes,  10mm female to 14mm male and 14mm female to 18mm male short expander adapters. Respectively each will fit a 14 mm or 18 mm female joint and allows the top joint to become a 10 mm or 14 mm joint allowing you to use smaller burners on larger rigs. They are also designed to make the airflow drop negligible.  They are an absolute necessity for the times when you realise your new piece of kit has a 14 mm or 18 mm joint and all you have is a 10 mm or 14 mm burner.

With a full set of the next sort of glass adapters few configurations cannot be conceived of. These are the female-female adapters, female-male adapters, and male-male adapters sometimes known as glass converters or glass reducers.

10mm female to 10mm female 10mm male to 10mm male
14mm female to 14mm female 14mm male to 14mm male
14mm female to 18mm female 14mm male to 18mm male
14mm female to 18mm female 14mm male to 14mm female
14mm female to 18mm male 14mm male to 18mm female
18mm male to 18mm male

These can be used for seating your universal titanium nail, quartz banger or ceramic nail, all of which can reach some extreme temperatures when heated, if your heat source is directed towards the joint for any reason it can lead to breakages. If that happens it's far more economical to replace an adapter than your pride and joy dab rig or beautiful bong.

They are all manufactured from high-quality borosilicate safety glass