glass bubblers, dab rigs, and glass bongs

The glass is class

We have glass this and glass that here at Dragons Head Shop, this collections showcases the humble and not so humble glass bubblers, oil burner bubblers, glass bongs, water bubblers, dabbing rigs, water pipes, and the many other names that we like to call bongs.

So to all you dabbers, bong smokers, water pipe inhalers and hookah heroes we hopefully have something to suit your needs whether a simple glass bong or a work of art with everything but the kitchen sink in,including glass recyclers, inline infusers, glass percolators, shiny whizzbobs, multi-chambered, and colourful glass.

You can also hopefully find the accessories you are looking for, a glass adapter, glass downstem, jet lighter, herb grinder or tobacco grinder. Oh and we do oil burner glass pipes and titanium nails/metal bangers too

If you see one that you like that is out of stock, let us know using the contact form below and we will check if they are still available from our suppliers or if you have a favourite old bong that is now broken, chipped or dying, send us a picture and we will see, again if we can find you the same one or something similar