Glass Pipes UK

Check-out what we have on offer for you, there's a great selection of glass oil burning pipes and glass adapters of all shapes and sizes. We have here in the UK thick glass pipes, thin ones too, plus short ones, and long ones just for you. There are plain glass smoking pipes and colourful ones and ones with patterns on and some just plain weird ones, that are waiting here for you

The oil burner glass bowl on the glass pipe also has a range of sizes, hole sizes and glass thickness

We have some branded glass smoking pipes from D&K Dengke and Sweet Puff. The D&K glass pipes are normally a glass pipe with a screen. The Sweet Puff pipe comes in several ways, glass corner pipe, straight glass pipe, glass one-hitter pipe

Oil burning pipes are all made from specially heat-treated thermal borosilicate glass known to some as pyrex. The boring science bit, it has low thermal expansion properties; meaning it doesn't expand and contract a lot when heated and cooled. It doesn't mean it's indestructible, it does break if dropped and can crack and become weaker when you apply heat to glass. Always take care when using heat on glass.

Glass Pipes UK

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