Glass smoking pipes with feet and sometimes corners

Have you or someone you know put a glass smoking pipe down on the table to watch on in horror as it rolls over and you spill the contents or worse still it rolls away and falls to the floor smashing to pieces and losing the contents too?

The clever pipe designers have a solution and that is glass smoking pipes with feet. The feet do what feet are supposed to do, help something stand up. If the pipe can stand alone, it shouldn't roll away. These no roll pipes can maybe help you prevent spills from the bowl and broken glassware.

They do not however save your pipe from spillages and breakages when you drop the pipe on the floor. They're good but not that good 🤣

Be prepared to be amazed at the pipes with feet collection which includes oil burner glass smoking pipes including the Sweet Puff corner pipe. For the dry pipe smokers, we have a selection of steamroller pipes to be wowed by.

This has been a light-hearted look at a problem pipe smokers have faced before, do face  now and will still face in the future. Balance is the key factor to stand up against rolling pipes; put it to the test and try a pipe with a rest.

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