Glass spoon pipe collection | unique hand blown pipes

Truly beautiful, exquisite and unique spoon pipes.

A spoon pipe is a type of smoking pipe where the smoker puts their tobacco, flowers or herbs into the glass bowl or spoon. This is then lit with a lighter. The vast majority of glass spoon pipes have a hole or carburettor known as a carb hole. This is normally to the side of the head of the bowl and when covered over during smoking is pulled through the tobacco and collects within the bowl. After the carb hole is opened up with the influx of air allows for a rapid inhalation of the built-up smoke in the bowl of each glass spoon pipe.

The patterns and shapes of these glass pipes are stunning and intricate, the colours range from deep primary red, blue and green colours leading into swirling vibrant yellows and midnight blacks. 

The great benefits of glass spoons are their size and portability, they are very tactile, with textures and shapes to explore, the smoking experience is not just defined by the taste and smell of the smoke but also by the look of the herb pipe and the feel of the pipe in your hands. 

Check out each of the glass spoons pipes beauty in this collection: