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Jet flame lighters use a reliable ignition system and come in different sizes and styles. They can be used for lighting up cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and much more. It is important to select the right jet flame lighter for you and your needs: jet flame butane lighter or torch lighters?

Jet Flame Lighters work by mixing butane and air and igniting them and directing the flame through a special nozzle shaped tube to the fuel source. Realistically, jet flame lighters produce a hotter and more intense flame than other lighters available.

Jet flame lighters work using jet flame technologies and are fueled by butane gas. Cigar lighters are rumoured to be the reason for the development of the jet flame lighter, as other fuels and ignition sources could affect the flavour of the smoker's cigar. Butane did not have an odour or taste. Initially, the lighters were soft flame which was able to light a smoker's cigar without affecting the taste and the cigar lighter came into fashion for the UK's cigar smokers. As jet technology advanced so came jet lighters, again a jet lighter is often associated and carried around as a cigar lighter due to the fact when lighting a cigar butane burns hotter and cleaner than a conventional cigarette lighter, leading to an even toasting of the cigar. Another advantage of this for pipe smokers is you will not be left with a sooty residue on the outside of your glassware. 

They come with many names from the simple jet lighter, torch lighter or jet flame lighter to more impressive-sounding strongjet or turboflame. However, at a basic level, they are all a butane jet lighter, some are of higher quality and engineering and as you are going to be lighting your jet flame lighter close to your face it is a good idea to avoid the cheap and dangerous ones on the UK market and purchase jet torch lighters and jet flame lighters that are high quality, safe, reliable and yet still affordable, these include any of the jet torch lighter brands such as Clipper Lighters, Ronson Lighters, Jobon, Rikanc amongst others.  A jet flame lighter from Prof Lighters is an affordable quality jet lighter. 


Jet flame lighters | Jet torch lighters | Jet lighter UK

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