Roll your own “RYO” supplies/rolling accessories

Keep rolling rolling rolling...

Whatever your brand of roll papers; Rizlas, Raw papers or other tobacco paper, you’re going to need some rolling accessories or a rolling kit.

You can pick from the ever-popular and respected brand to get your rolling set that is part of the rawthentic raw collection with many raw accessories including raw paper, raw rolling tray, raw tips,  or raw bamboo rolling mat. The rolling tray kit comes with plenty of raw products such as kingsize papers, rolling  tips, a bamboo rolling mat and storage tin for your raw authentic papers

Rizlas maybe your brand of choice whether it’s the red rizlas, blue rizlas, or green rizlas or for that matter any coloured rizlas it’s some king size rizlas, rolling tips and bamboo rolling mats you need to roll your own perfect ciggie or do you cheat and use a rolling machine? Do you prefer to roll up papers using rolled mats and do you freestyle or use a raw rolling tray UK? What are your favourite designs for rolling trays? Are your tips paper or card, what kind of filter tips or rolling tips do you use?

    Roll your own “RYO” supplies/rolling accessories

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