Titanium nail | metal banger | Universal Titanium Nail

Titanium Nails 

Titanium is regarded as an excellent material for Dabbing Nails with some saying it is superior to ceramic, glass or quartz nails. The backing for these claims is that the physical material properties mean it absorbs heat well and then retains it and dissipates it at a steady rate, which is great when you are evaporating your product. Next, fans cite the fact that it will not crack under thermal shock, as other materials do.

There are many types, 3 main sizes, myriad configurations and a few names that are associated with the titanium nail. The sizes normally refer to the joint in which the nail will sit, typically 10 mm, 14 mm, or 18 mm or all of these with universal titanium nails, these would be 2 in1, 4 in 1, and 6 in 1 each universal titanium nail can be used as a male or female joint. The 2 in 1 is the smallest and has a 10 mm male and female joint. The 4 in 1 nail has 10 mm and 14 mm male and female joints. Finally, the 6 in 1 nail has male and female joints in 10 mm, 14mm, and 18 mm sizes. To change the configuration just unscrew the nail and reverse. Each size can also be bought as a dedicated size too so you can have:

  • 10 mm titanium nail
  • 14 mm titanium nail
  • 18 mm titanium nail

Metal banger is another name you may see along with e nail or dab nail or even an enail dab. They all refer to the same product. Domeless titanium nail refers to when the top of the nail has no cover to stop your evaporate drifting away unless you have other means to cap the nail