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Dragons Head Shops of London purpose is to offer first-rate smoking systems, vaping products and find your CBD/CBG goods at prices which can be accessible for any budget, with a full range of vaping products to simple glass pipes and bongs, glass bubblers, glass oil rigs and dabbing rigs to the larger, extra spectacular, colourful and ornamental versions. We can help you.

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We want you to gain the maximum pleasure from smoking your legal smoking tobacco blends, natural oils and waxes. Dragons Head Shop does not intend to promote, condone or encourage the use of illegal or controlled substances and can not be held responsible for any misuse. If you need help you can contact the  NHS about ways to quit drug addiction. Get some help from the medical professionals in total confidence. Another organisation that may be able to help and who are listed on the NHS website are Rehab 4 Addiction, they are an advisory and referral service for people who suffer from alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction.
We are based in South West London and we are able to offer a premium out of hours delivery service. The courier service is operated together with a highly reputable London company. Rates vary depending on distance and time of day or night when you request the service. The fee is payable upfront.
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We also take our social responsibilities seriously and if you are trying to quit smoking here is a link to help you find the nearest NHS Stop Smoking service in your area.
Remember as well to protect children and don’t allow them to breathe your smoke; passive smoking is dangerous and you should not subject youngsters or anyone else to it.
As an online smokers shop, we offer competitive prices for all of your smoking accessories, smoking paraphernalia and smoking gadgets. Our range consists of glass smoking pipes, glass oil burner pipes, glass bongs, glass water bubblers, glass oil rigs, or dab rigs. The configurations are many, they come with dab kits or dabbing kits, dabbing nails that can be glass nails or titanium nails. Metal banger or titanium nail or quartz banger. Our variety of lighters, jet flame or wind proof  is large these may be blowtorch or chef culinary or the traditional Clipper UK lighters in their elegant metallic by clipper range with the chrome jet flame lighter you get a superbly designed and engineered lighter. Or Prof lighters with the Prof lighter range you get European technology with their prof jet flame lighter.
How about rolling your own inside the roll your own area of the shop, selling rolling paper, rolling mats, rolling trays, rolling paper tips from manufacturers like RAW natural rolling papers. Or herb grinders / tobacco grinders to cut your plant leaves or tobacco. So if you’re asking is there a Head Shop near me or smoke stores near me or where's the smoke shops London has to offer, we're near absolutely everyone now not simply London we sell globally as Dragons Head Shop is online for you anywhere you live. If you want smoking paraphernalia, gadgets and accessories from Dragons Head Shop we are the online smokers shop for you.
You can review our transport coverage and rates, that includes free postage and packing option for all UK orders over £10.00. All orders are sent after money is cleared. All of our items are despatched in discreet packaging.