Acrylic water bong | skull bong - Various colours

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Cheap, spooky and colourful acrylic skull bongs

acrylic water bong collection. Acrylic has the advantage of being very lightweight and durable. The low cost of the material means as well that they qualify as cheap acrylic bongs. 

They are perfect for travelling or on the move with as they are less prone to break than glass, they are substantially lighter than the glass counterparts and can be fixed quite easily.

These acrylic bongs come in skull shapes and 4 colours; yellow, clear, orange and charcoal. Should they be called war, famine, pestilence and death? In any case, they are cheap acrylic bongs that are lightweight, durable and will possibly bring about the end of days... 

Each of the designs has a black plastic base and a metal downstem or downpipe with a metal smoking bowl, they all disassemble simply to allow you to clean them easily

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