Glass Adapter Male-Male Male-Female Female-Female 10mm 14mm 18mm

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Any combination of 10mm 14mm 18mm Male and Female

The three basic sizes are

  • 10mm glass adapter
  • 14mm glass adapter
  • 18mm glass adapter

The glass adapters come in a range of sizes and configurations, Female-Male, Female-Female and Male-Male. Mix and match to suit your configuration.

  • 10mm male to 10mm male
  • 10mm female to 10mm female
  • 14mm male to 14mm male
  • 14mm male to 18mm male
  • 14mm male to 14mm female
  • 14mm male to 18mm female
  • 14mm female to 14mm female
  • 14 mm female 18 mm male
  • 14mm female to 18mm female
  • 18mm female to 18mm female
  • 18mm male to 18mm male glass

All the glass adaptor types are shown here have a frosted, not polish finish.

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Dave M.
great product

good for protecting my rig from excess heat

Thank you, Dave.