Glass Magic Puff corner pipe 15cm with coloured rests

Magic Puff

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Magic puff

Glass Magic Puff corner pipe with a rest to prevent rolling or falling over, the glass pipe is the quality that you expect from Magic Puff glass pipes and has a random coloured rest on the bottom. There are browns, blues, greens, yellows, and clear.

All of the glass oil burner pipes have the "Magic Puff " stamp. 

Glass pipe material: Borosilicate glass

Glass pipe length: Approx 15cm

The weight of the glass pipes are approx 21g

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Borosilicate is the, glass smokers, prefer, when smoking their tobacco with a beaker of tea in one hand and a glass water in the other, whilst putting a dab of honeycomb on your toast, it’s a ritual that should not be responsible for broken, glass bong, splinters that catcher you in the eyes. this is due to the thermodynamic properties every, oil burner glass, smoking pipe, should be manufactured from. Pyrex is another name for Borosilicate glass, so remember, when buying an. oil pipe, or, oil burner pipe, check the material if the, oil burning pipes, or any part of it is not borosilicate like the, glass stem bowl, or, corner bowl, even the, deep bowl oil burner, with a, u bend pipe, has, bowls pipes, to, screen pipe, pipe with screen, over the, metal bowl pipe, gets hot easily when jet flame is applied to the, oil burners pipes, bowls pipe. Its better to be safe than sorry with any water pipe, bong or bubbler stay safe and recycler your kit time after time with carefully built rig to store your glass water pipe you won't get fumed and vexed up

Product use

All of the products we sell are solely intended to be used with legal, tobacco, nicotine or CBD products only. Tobacco and nicotine are known to be harmful to your health; you should always smoke responsibly. If you need help in stopping smoking you can access the NHS Quit Smoking website which offers a range of ways to help you stop smoking

Customer Reviews

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Stephane M.
everything is perfect

everything is perfect

Mel C.
it's a magic pipe.

I have dropped this pipe 3 times on a wooden floor and it's not broken, that's magic. It's got a big bowl for smoke and doesn't fall over easily. I like and would recommend

Thanks, Mel.