Glass Oil Burner Bong - 3 coloured balls glass recycler and LED

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Golden Balls, Blue Balls and Green Balls.

What are the best three names you can come up with for the bongs?

Glass oil burner bong water bubbler dab rig with an LED uplighter to illuminate the 3 ball recycler. 4.5"/12 cm in height and comes with a clear glass curved oil burner/banger. The 3 ball recyclers are random colours that catch the light of the LEDs

Material: Borosilicate glass (Pyrex)

Height: 4.5"/12 cm

Connection: 10mm female

Weight 150g packed

Product use

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Customer Reviews

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Chris B.
LED is fantastic especially with coloured bong heads

Turn down the lights, put on the music and turn on the LED and you have a mini light show, the bong is good as well and amazingly quick delivery from the store. You’re doing it all right for me

happy the lightshow is pleasing, thanks

Mel c.
Great flashing bong

They flash, great!
Better than that, the pull is good.

thanks for keeping it real :-)