Glass oil burner pipe 10 cm with coloured balance rest

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The stable smoking pipe

These glass smoking pipes solve the problem of rolling over when you put them down; they have a small balance rest that prevents them from rolling over or off where you put them. So, no more spillages or breakages from rolling.

Each clear oil burner pipe is manufactured from toughened pyrex or borosilicate glass and the rests are random colours, you may get white, pink, brown, blue, green, black, clear or, yellow.

This practical glass smoking pipe has an overall length of approximately 10cm and a weight of 15g

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Product use

All of the products we sell are solely intended to be used with legal, tobacco, nicotine or CBD products only. Tobacco and nicotine are known to be harmful to your health; you should always smoke responsibly. If you need help in stopping smoking you can access the NHS Quit Smoking website which offers a range of ways to help you stop smoking

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin S.
Great Service

Very pleased with the product and service given.

Matthew C.
Good pipe

The pipes I bought were good and exactly what I was expecting. Thank you for a great service.

You're very welcome and thank you for the review

Jon D.
Really simple but really effective and REALLY good price

They are just like any other pipe, with the added bonus of a blob of glass to stop them rolling over, it's effing genius, I love them, also superquick delivery by Dragons Head Shop #keepitup

Thank you

Matthew A.
Great piece of kit

The simple yet effective coloured stand on the bottom of the pipe turns this basic pipe into a stable smoking instrument, a must have for your travel kit.

thank you for your considered words

Mel C.
They don’t roll over

As a pipe they are thick and heavy so they don’t break easy. The little rest is great to stop the pipe rolling and losing what’s in pipe.

thank you