Jet lighter by Prof Lighters Blue Flame Lighter



Handy cap and safety chain

Another fantastic value jet lighter  from Prof lighters the pyrotechnic professionals, this variety has a coloured rubber coating and a cap on a chain that prevents accidental ignition and also stops dirt from going down the burner tip 

These Prof Lighters have a single blueflame and are windproof, which is a good feature when you are trying to light a cigarette in a howling gale.

A great compact and portable jet lighter with built-in ignition.

Product use

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Customer Reviews

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Brett S.
Worked ok to begin with but not for long

When I first used this lighter it held a flame for a decent length of time, but over the next couple of days the flame output reduced massively. Even when fully filled up with butane gas (as it is refillable, always a good thing). If used for lighting a cig it would still work afterwards, but for flames that require a lengthier amount of time, like lighting pipes or bongs, it would be no good. The flame would start up but go out after literally 2 seconds. As a cheaper lighter though, and all things considered, I' d give it a 3 star rating.

Hi Brett, sorry you have had issues with the lighter, I would highly recommend the Prof, Blue, Black, silver or red for £10. on the quality vs value for money you can't go wrong. I would suggest 6-10weeks and sometimes more from these.. very controllable from soft to harsh.