Jet lighter by Prof lighter blue jet flame utility lighter rubber metallic



Prof lighter blue jet flame

This model of jet lighter by Prof lighters is for me the best value for money, they're reliable and when they finally go they are inexpensive to replace

The colour choices are: Black, blue, red, or silver

Having tested these, I can honestly say they are as good as any other Prof Jet Flame lighters I have used before

The mix of metallic and rubber makes them feel modern and the flame is easily controlled and has a feeling of softness when heating your glass bowl or metal banger

So treat yourself to an inexpensive yet quality jet lighter and whilst you're treating yourself, take a look at our other collections; glass pipesbongsbong heads, jet lighters and accessories to go with your Prof lighter

Product use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gordon M. (South Norwood, GB)
Product Ideas: Room aromas
Improvements: Nothing

Nice lighter

Thank you, Gordon.

James H.
Lovely lighter

I like this lighter as the flame can be fierce or soft, also the button is light to hold down or lockable. It was recommended by the owner and I thank him for the great lighter and top customer service.

You are very welcome, James.

Dean H.
Lighter with some oomph

Lighter with some oomph

Thanks, Dean.