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simple and straight smoking pipe

It's an everyday smoking pipe, there is nothing flashy or pretentious about this oil burner pipe. It has a bowl with a hole and the bowl is approx 22mm in diameter and the hole about 8mm. The stem is 130mm or 5 inches long and it does a job. It is also great value for money. So, if you want a plain, simple oil burning glass pipe with no frills, or bells, or whistles. This is probably the best soil burner pipe in its class, that class being the plain, straight and 130mm long category 

Also, if you are after any other sizes of great value oil burner glass pipe there is nowhere better to buy pipes online than here at Dragons Head Shop UK. They are cheap pipes but of excellent quality. We stock plenty of smoking pipes; the cheapest pipes around, ranging from 60mm or 6cm to 200mm or 8" 

We stock the branded pipes also; including D&K Dengke Glass and Sweet Puff Holland.

Product use

All of the products we sell are solely intended to be used with legal, tobacco, nicotine or CBD products only. Tobacco and nicotine are known to be harmful to your health; you should always smoke responsibly. If you need help in stopping smoking you can access the NHS Quit Smoking website which offers a range of ways to help you stop smoking

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Greg W. (Camberwell, GB)
First time purchase - great experience and excellent customer service!

Great experience and customer service

Thank you, Greg.

Marlon H.
Great purchase

Excellent product & service
Well pleased and highly recommendable

thank you

Mel C.
They are just as good...

As the 10 cm pipes I normally buy, just a bit bigger lol

I'm glad you liked